While spending hours each day at the site of Regent South, the stories of  the past fifty years present themselves.

One evening, around dusk, as I was peering through the blue fence, a van pulled up . A man walked up to where I was standing and peered at the same spot.  “I used to live in this block.” He continued to walk back and forth, trying to recognize his home of 25 years. I left him with his memories. He came over to me excitedly and said that the house I was shooting was in fact his house. “The grey one,” he said, “third from the corner.” It was the last three of that row of ‘housing units’ still standing, the back exposed to the elements. As the light left the sky, the man climbed into his van, took one last look back,  and drove away.

This row of apartments were left standing for a week so I had ample opportunity to record its memories on a bright sunny day.  This apartment block is actually the backs of the shots taken through the windows from an earlier post.

253 row housing units in Regent Park South

Souvenirs. Yellow Brick my new obsession. Watching people carrying their prizes. One of the supervisors tells me of residents who have asked for bricks, their house numbers and other keepsakes.

I watch as they carted all the bricks away day by day, never thinking of keeping one.  The bricks and cement are crushed for roadbeds.  Yesterday while I was walking through the mud, lots of snow gone now, I spotted a few popping up. I now have bricks also… 2 yellow ones with the intriguing triple cross.

I speak of the yellow brick since one day talking with a former Southern Regent dweller we were able to find his partially demolished house because of the yellow brick. He spoke of spending many a hot summer day sitting on the electrical box  in front of the apartment.


Let’s fill these pages with your memories of  Regent.




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