The Inconvenience of the Convenient Stores

The final goodbye to George’s Mini Market, Root Burger Restaurant the Coin Laundry and Parents for  Better Beginnings.

This block of convenience stores provided  the residents of Regent Park South the only opportunity for shopping within the neighbourhood.

The inconvenience of poor shopping facilities further isolated the community within the urban”attractive spaces” created by the city planners and Architects of the 1950’s.

The Root Burger Restaurant as it stood in the 1960’s. The sign was still visible up until the beginning of January 2011.

Peter Dickinson designed  this glass enclosure exposing the mechanical plant on the ground floor next to the shopping units.

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6 Responses to The Inconvenience of the Convenient Stores

  1. linda swinamer says:

    its funny how people think that the residents of regent park were prisoners with no minds, and that we were isolated and had no brains. I lived there for 40 years and loved it . the big developers always wanted that property and now they have it..good luck to your new community jammed with buildings and streets and strangers..

  2. Michael Hew says:

    Lots of awesome memories while growing up in South Regent Park. Made friends for life and they stand the test of time. We all what thru tough times but we all stood together looking out for each other. Somehow we made it thru. We will never forget the ones who where called home before us (our falling friends and family). You left us with beautiful memories. Oh the rootburger Nick and Helen they where great to put up with us! We will miss the park and the friends we lefted behind. The memories will always be with us thru our lives. Love you all Brothers and sisters. .God Bless!

  3. Russ mccarroll says:

    Wow I grow up in regent park .I remember going to get a 10 cent box of chips from the root&burger. Going to miss it all

  4. Jill Hardwick says:

    memories of home will always be in my heart

  5. megan says:

    I’m going to miss all of this growing up in the park and all the memories

  6. Moiety Evans says:

    I never felt isolated I felt we had our own community. Where when you sent your kid to the store to buy milk the owner knew your kids name and who the mother is and there wasn’t any stangers at the store. I loved living where you knew your neiborours and we watched out for each other’s kids and now these new buildings your kid can’t go to another floor to visit a friend by them selves without the super putting a note at your door saying they can’t be by them selves. Regent where kids where free and the locked up now. I’m deeply sadden to see my home gone and my kids not being finshed be raised in a great place where everyone is your family.

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