The vibrations  felt as the camera records the sounds and images of the pounding machinery against the concrete and rebar mass. The structure does not yield easily against the force, it was built to endure. The ground shakes as the concrete cracks, crumbles and falls. The images become dense with the dust of  the cement.  I watch in awe as the engineers and crew strategically collapse the structure.

On the Rushing Impact of the Cities

Bertolt Brecht 1920…

…so short was time

That between morning and evening

There was no noon

And already on the old familiar ground

Stood mountains of concrete.

Strength and durability gone,  the crusherextrudes the rebar from the concrete.

“Le Corbusier’s Unité d’habitation introduced the world to raw concrete – béton brut – with its texture defined by the wooden planks shaping it when it was poured. This unwitting prototype for the New Brutalism to follow came from necessity: not only was there insufficient steel in post-war France for a steel construction, but there was insufficient skilled labor for consistent, precise construction.” (

Last bits

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