This is the second time I have witnesses the trees being demolished during Phase 2 of the revitalization.  (See first post of this blog…The Last Waltz for documentation). Even the tree that  survived  the first  cut, was downed  last week, image 2,3,4. I understand that  a few more on the North Side of Dundas, which have been saved thus far, are slated to be destroyed.

Trees are victims of Regent Park Revitalization by Catherine Porter

“It took more than 60 years for the giant honey locusts and elms of St. David’s Walk to grow this grand and stately.It took three seconds to slice each down Monday. A hulking machine called a feller buncher sawed their bases with a burst of yellow dust and then caught them by the throat with six large metal fingers, before pitching them like fire logs onto a towering pile. It was a mournful sight, deserving of the dark skies and rain.”

See “Busy Beavers  If you have a large enough machine, you can chop down trees so quickly, that almost no one will notice. Regent Street is to be retained as part of the “New and Improved” Regent Park; too bad the city doesn’t follow the same rules as a private developer (who would be obligated to save some of these mature, healthy trees which line the street). Instead, they were swiftly “axed” on May 16. The city’s 2007 official plan contains this amusing “doublespeak”: “Redevelopment of Regent Park will provide for the retention and relocation of existing trees where possible”. Doubtless there is a “Green Canopy Master Plan” as part of the Regent Park Rebuilding Scheme, but it will still take 50-60 years before there are trees of comparable size to these ones.

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  1. So sad. When I was in class last month, we were distracted by the horrifying screeching of the trees being torn down, right outside our window.

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