I’ve been in and out of the city for the past few months. An interruption to the daily photographing of the fast-moving demolition in Regent Park. The streets that I walked while photographing are only now apparent  by a few landmarks,  some street signs remain. The demolition equipment is gone, taking with them the houses, the trees. Now  white hording, barren land, housing the cars and trailers of the construction workers. The Paintbox and Arts and Cultural Centre rising,

A good intermediate stage for some comparison shots over the past year. Sutton Street, St David’s Walk and Regent Street.

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2 Responses to THEN, AND NOW

  1. Delila says:

    Ur blog post, “THEN, AND NOW | Regent Park, Toronto” ended up being worthy of commenting on!
    Basically wanted to mention you truly did a fantastic work.
    Thanks for your time ,Chanel

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