Winter Walk Through Regent Park

Regent Park Aquatic Centre

Regent Park Aquatic Centre Reflection

Walking into the cold wind, fresh from a swim in the new aquatic centre, I trudge through the snow covered streets exploring the new construction. The field at the back of Nelson Mandela Park School, [where I once stood photographing  the demolition of the Dickinson  Maisonette Towers], is highlighted by the modernist addition.

Nelson Mandela Park School Field

Nelson Mandela Park School Field

A Street Runs Through

A Street Runs Through

Some of the playground is still evident and a view of the three Dickinson apartments can be seen from the new street.  The construction of the new buildings create a stark contrast to these existing Dickinson Towers. A memorial to 15-year-old Tyson Bailey surrounds a tree infront of one of buildings. I walk back to the area where the Peace Garden once stood,  thoughts of  memorials and RIP images filtered through a lens.

New Construction overlooking park

New Construction, playground remains, Dickinson Tower

The blustering wind whips through the buildings and people hurry to their destination. The workers, wrapped in the cold, balance high above the ground.

I stand infront of the empty lot, soon to be the home of the new park on Dundas Street,  and hope that by late spring it will be finished, bursting with green.

The  Paint Box Bistro is open now.  Chris Klugman’s  smile and enthusiasm warms the space of the chef’s new enterprise and social experiment.   I  escape the cold with a cup of cappuccino  and order lunch.

Paint Box Bistro

Paint Box BistroDaniels Spectrum along Dundas Street East, Toronto

Paint Box

Paint Box, community Centre in Background

Dundas EastDaniels Spectrum Arts and Cultural Centre

Dundas East
Daniels Spectrum
Arts and Cultural Centre

Community Centre

Community Centre

Keep our Community... Mural

Keep our Community… Mural

Phase 3

Phase 3

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